World’s Top Junior Golfers

Young teenage golfer on the putting green

The world’s best junior golfers come from many different countries and nationalities. From Australia, all the way to Norway and Chile, golf is a popular sport.

According to the  World Junior Golf Ranking, Toby Briggs from England, Joaquín Niemann from Chile and Florian Horder from Germany are the top three on the boys ranking. While there’s not many points between Toby who sits at 7 events and 25810 points and Joaquín at 6 events and 24380 points, Florian has a little catching up to do, as he sits at 3 events and 18005 points.

Toby is an inspiration to younger players who love the sport, he started his sporting career playing soccer and then went on to play golf when he was introduced to the sport by his father. It was all speed ahead from there as he developed such a liking to the sport he began playing almost every day. Toby contributes his game to watching iconic players such as Tiger Woods and practicing his skills repeatedly to become an expert in finding his own individual style.

Celine Borge from Norway, Alessia Nobilio from Italy and Amelia Williamson from England all sit tightly in the top three girls World Junior Ranking. All three have played six events and Celine sits at the top with 20990 points.

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