Nitro Athletics showcases exciting new talent


Nitro Athletics has shown its potential to revolutionise track and field through its team based format combining strength, endurance, power and high energy.

Alongside its blockbuster entertainment value, Nitro Athletics has unearthed exciting new athletic talent. Young Australian athletes can spend many years training and working hard in Little Athletics and become well known for their talents in their club, local region or state, but Nitro Athletics provides an opportunity for them to showcase their talents on a national and international stage.

Before Nitro Athletics, 16-year-old Riley Day from Queensland was little known for her athletic ability, but now, having won the 150 metres against Olympic quality opponents in front of a packed stadium and a national TV audience, she’s now the talking point of Australian track and field.

Nitro Athletics is sure to inspire and motivate the Little Athletics community and to drive a wave of new young athletes signing up.

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