Jaden Newman Basketball Prodigy


Jaden Newman is an 11 year old basketball prodigy who grew up in Orlando Florida and wants to become the first woman in the NBA.

Watching Jaden play basketball is amazing, she’s the youngest girl to go past 1,000 career points and has even beaten Stephen Curry in a 3-point shoot-out. Jaden’s brother was also a basketball prodigy and is the youngest boy to go past 1,000 career points.

Jaden’s height doesn’t hold her back on the court, she’s a deep shooter, in Varsity she holds her own on 3-pointers, making 267 out of a total 520 attempts and her stats show she scores 24.4 points per game. She was recruited at age 9 by the University of Miami.

She attends Downey Christian High School in Orlando and is also extremely popular among basketball fans with a following of 91.5k on Instagram.  She also has millions of people from all over the world viewing her on YouTube.

Check out Jaden here.

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