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Steph Curry, the champion point guard from the Golden State Warriors in the NBA, is the best shooter of the basketball on the planet today and could be the best shooter of the basketball ever.

He’s the only player to have shot more than 400 3-pointers in a regular season and only the 7th player in NBA history to shoot at over 50 per cent from the field, over 45 per cent from 3-point range and over 90 per cent from the free throw line in a season.

So what does he do that makes him so good?

Firstly, he finds the target (the rim) with his eyes very early in the shot making process, so his eyes are on the target for as long as possible, which allows him to lock it in and this helps him to be accurate.

Secondly, he has great footwork. He’s on the balls of his feet when he shoots which allows him to spring into his jump shot and he shoots with his feet turned a little to the left, with his right foot slightly in front of his left foot. The turning and staggering of the feet allows his right hip, elbow and shoulder to all be in a line and nice and square to the target so he can shoot the ball straighter.

Steph has a smooth, compact, one motion shot with no pauses which creates great rhythm and allows him to be very consistent. It also allows him to release the ball very quickly. He also has great extension of his right arm on his release with a big flick of his wrist which generates power and creates range.

So find the target early, set your feet correctly, shoot in one motion and finish with great extension and you’ll soon find yourself shooting more like the back-to-back MVP.

There’s a great video by Coach Collin Castellaw that demonstrates Steph Curry’s shooting that’s well worth a view.

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