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You’re either a fan of Steph or LeBron and you can hardly talk NBA without an in-depth discussion about either. Both players are amazing to watch.

Steph as point guard plays for the Golden State Warriors, number 30 and turned 28 in March 2016. LeBron plays as a power forward for the Cleveland Cavaliers, number 23 and turns 32 in December 2016. Steph attended Davidson where he played college basketball and LeBron attended St Vincent-St Marys and played on the varsity team. Both were exceptional elite high school basketball players and impressed their coaches with their ability to break first-time basketball records at tournaments.

To put it into perspective, the stats via Land of Basketball break the comparisons up entirely. LeBron has won three NBA Championships and played thirteen NBA seasons. Steph has won one NBA Championship and played seven NBA seasons.

Steph is known for his ability to score; some say he’s the best shooter in the competition, and he holds the record for three-pointers and free throws. According to the Bleacher Report, he’s “the fastest player in league history to reach 1,000 career three-pointers”.

LeBron is arguably the most athletic player in the game, with his all-round ability to perform on the basketball court. He aggressively drives to the basket, is an unbelievable scoring power machine and he’s ranked as number three by Forbes, as one of  the world’s highest paid athletes. His achievements speak for themselves, he’s played in 11 playoffs and 12 all-star games. He’s won two Olympic gold medals and has won several NBA awards, including many for the most valuable player and scoring champion. You can check out LeBron’s full biography and a documentary video at

They both have their own signature shoe brands, LeBron is sponsored by Nike and Steph is sponsored by Under Armour. LeBron is basketball’s top shoe salesperson, he sold $340 million worth of shoes for Nike, and that was estimated by Forbes to be within a year.

To find out more about Steph Curry, you can watch his inspiring documentary via YouTube below; it shows that even as a starting basketball champion who was told by many he was too small to play, you can never give up on your dreams. You can also check out his full biography at, if you’re a fan, both are worth a look.

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