Improve your techniques with Up My Game app


Up My Game is a very cool app that allows you to capture, review and share video of your sporting techniques with other sportspeople, professional coaches and elite athletes from around the world. Their feedback can then help you improve your game.

It’s a community dedicated to helping everyone improve and you can also leave your feedback for other athletes.

The app allows you to review videoed techniques in slow motion or frame by frame and you can compare techniques in one video against another, side by side.

It also contains drawing tools to draw things like lines and angles and you can add comments or voice over to give feedback.

It’s not just some of the world’s best coaches offering their feedback, you can get feedback from elite athletes also listed in the app. Some offer their feedback for free and some charge a small amount.

So if you’re serious about sports and really want to improve your techniques, check out the Up My Game app. It’s free to download from the App Store.

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