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For all the great tennis players, the key to their games is the fact that they all have terrific serves.

Time and time again they hold their serve and in tennis, the player who serves the best wins because if you keep winning your serve you can’t lose the match.

So what are some of the things that the pros do that makes them such good servers?

Firstly, they use a continental grip which is where you hold the racquet like you are holding a hammer. This grip allows you to produce the most powerful serves because it creates the correct racquet head position at the point of contact.

Secondly, their serves are a throwing action. Their motions would throw a ball far and high above the net creating a lot of power.

Thirdly, they have a consistent ball toss. They release the ball at eye level in a smooth, rhythmic fashion, tossing the ball slightly out into the court and they strike the ball at the top of the toss at full extension.

Finally, they spend a lot of time practicing their serve because during a match you spend a lot of time hitting serves. You will generally hit more serves in a match than any other shot, so it makes sense to practice it the most.

So get the correct grip, practice the right throwing action, work on a smooth, consistent ball toss and invest some time practicing just your serve and you’ll soon find yourself hitting it more like the top pros.

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