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The NBA sets the tone for world basketball and what we’re seeing there is an increase in the trend of 3-point shot attempts and makes. Stephen Curry from the Golden State Warriors made a ridiculous 402 3-pointers in the last regular season shooting them at over 45 percent accuracy, so he took 883 3-point shots. That’s more than 11 per game on average.

The reason behind the increasing 3-point trend is simple maths, there’s such a good return on the 3-point shot.

To put it in perspective, NBA players make their 2-pointers at around 48 percent accuracy on average, so that equates to around 9.6 points per 10 shots. NBA players are now making their 3-pointers at around 34 percent accuracy on average, which equates to around 10.2 points per 10 shots. So that’s more than half a point extra per 10 shots.

For NBA players there’s a six percent increased return in taking 3-pointers over 2-pointers. This is significant and when you’re talking about Stephen Curry at over 45 percent accuracy for 3-point shots you’re talking about 13.5 points per 10 shots, so about 4 points more per 10 shots. That’s a whopping 29 percent increased return over NBA players taking 2-pointers. No 2-point shooter can match these figures.

With the Golden State Warriors shooting at over 42 percent accuracy for 3-pointers across the season, it’s no wonder that they were virtually unbeatable, they were getting such amazing return and value for their shots.

The 3-point trend will continue across basketball as shooters get better at hitting shots from down town and enjoy the increased return on their shot making.

To win basketball games now and into the future, teams must possess players who can swish it from 3-point range.

If you’re not shooting and making 3-pointers, now’s the time to start because your competition will be, increasingly.

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